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AQT at LBL User Guide

The Advanced Quantum Testbed is a collaborative research laboratory funded by the U.S. Department of Energy for the advancement of quantum computation based on superconducting circuits. The AQT instrument was commissioned as an open platform to explore and define the future of superconducting quantum computers end-to-end, from quantum processor technology to quantum algorithms. In collaboration with AQT’s expert team, testbed users will have full access to hardware and software, participate in its evolution, and advance the science enabled by quantum computing.

Teams from academia, industry, and government laboratories are welcome to apply to become AQT users. Full details on requirements, scope, and the application process are available in the User Letter of Intent and Proposal Guide. Information on the AQT resources available to users is available in the AQT Capabilities Overview.

The AQT is now accepting Letters of Intent for participation with our testbed. Please submit your Letter of Intent through the LOI Webform.

Due to changes on operating conditions related to COVID-19, we are unable to provide on-site access to users at this time. All user projects will be conducted remotely with assistance from AQT staff. We anticipate being able to offer on-site access no earlier than mid-2021.