Advanced Quantum Testbed (AQT)_research_quantum processor development

Develop long-lives superconducting quantum bits that are custom designed for specific computing applications.

Advanced Quantum Testbed (AQT)_research_quantum control

Developing an open, fully accessible interface between the superconducting qubit hardware and the user.

Advanced Quantum Testbed (AQT)_research_quantum computation

Characterize the error models in current NISQ quantum processors, thereby elucidating approaches to maximize circuit performance. Such optimizations will span both the algorithm and engineering space.

Advanced Quantum Testbed (AQT)_research_quantum computation Advanced Quantum Testbed (AQT)_technical lead_David Ivan Santiago

The testbed allows early-career scientists to access world-class quantum computing hardware and software systems, establishing a unique environment for active mentoring, open discussion, and networking between different stakeholders in the quantum ecosystem.

Featuring Head of Hardware Kasra Nowrouzi