As a superconducting quantum computing testbed, AQT at Berkeley Lab encourages user proposals from a diversity of teams. AQT is committed to serving the wider quantum information science community by helping to advance the state of the industry.

Explore AQT in 3D. Use your mouse or touchpad to navigate. Click to open the descriptive labels (colored circles) with more information about the hardware and technologies.

To access the VR tour with your headset or a Google Cardboard, download the Matterport VR app on your phone. Then, navigate to this page on your phone’s browser. Click on the headset image in the lower right-hand corner and follow the instructions to view AQT at Berkeley Lab in VR.


Advanced Quantum Testbed (AQT)_superconducting circuits_dilution fridge Monica Hernandez_Quantum communications lead_June2023_BerkeleyLab_testimonial quote

AQT was built from the ground up to support projects from external teams through access to both the full quantum computing platform and to the expertise of AQT scientists to maximize the testbed’s potential.

Follow AQT’s Head of Measurement, Ravi Naik, for a walk-through of the virtual tour