Quantum bits communicate with the classical world through an electrical-magnetic field at different frequency ranges, from DC to microwave RF to modulated laser. These electronics are called qubit control hardware. As the number of qubits increases, the qubit control hardware becomes another bottleneck limiting the system scalability. Most of the current quantum bit control systems are utilizing advanced control instrumentation developed for general control purposes, including Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Digitizing cards etc. Since the system was not specifically optimized for the qubit control purpose, it is hard to expand the system to the scale needed for the future quantum computers. In this project, we combine the domain specific knowledge for quantum control and the available and value engineered technology together to develop a scalable and cost effective solution for the NISQ stage qubit control. We also expect the solution can be flexible enough to follow the ever developing technology and adopt for the future quantum computing system requirement.

Current Status & Next Steps