The software stack will for many scientists be the first and main interaction point with the Advanced Quantum Testbed. Unique to the AQT, however, software access for our users is not restricted to the high level, where we seamlessly integrate the existing Open Source quantum computing software development frameworks. Indeed, we are delivering a software stack with application programming interfaces (APIs) at a range of different abstraction levels. This enables users to get as close or as far from the hardware as necessary to reach their desired scientific goals.

We are developing a modular quantum control software framework (QTROL) that can be programmed directly through OpenQASM, and which has drivers to support different hardware solutions; control components that can be run from software or in hardware; an analysis workflow with components that can likewise be run in hardware or software; and backend support for data management and provenance for reproducability of published scientific results.

Our approach allows for fast-feedback experiments, detailed pulse design and optimization, optimal control, development of parametrized circuits, and the comparison and evaluation of hardware solutions.

Current Status & Next Steps