Exploring highly connected networks of qubits is invaluable for implementing various quantum codes and simulations. All-to-all connectivity allows for entangling qubits with reduced gate depth. In the ion community, the Mølmer-Sørensen gate routinely entangles over a dozen qubits with high fidelity. Their qubits are coupled through a shared phonon mode through the way they are trapped, allowing for all-to-all connectivity necessary to entangle multiple ions in one interaction.

We are interested in exploring new capabilities made available from all-to-all connectivity for superconducting qubits. Specifically, we are working a Mølmer-Sørensen-like gate through the use of shared coplanar waveguide (CPW) resonators to couple multiple transmons. This gate allows us to selectively entangle any subset of the qubits coupled to the shared resonator.

Current Status & Next Steps