Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Quantum Testbed makes quantum hardware more accessible by open sourcing a new electronics control and measurement system for superconducting quantum processors, making engineering solutions for the emerging hardware more accessible. Superconducting circuits are one of the leading quantum computing technologies seeking to solve complex problems beyond the reach of classical computers.

AQT’s superconducting qubit control system, or QubiC, is customizable and modular. QubiC’s performance data was published in IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering. Researchers Gang Huang and Yilun Xu from Berkeley Lab’s Accelerator Technology and Applied Physics Division (ATAP) led the AQT QubiC design, leveraging a robust technological legacy in research and development for particle accelerators. AQT is funded by the Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) program in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science.

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