Custom engineering
solutions for quantum
We leverage advanced electrical modulation techniques developed in the accelerator community for high-speed microwave pulse generation & detection
Modular cryogenic
platform for QPUs
We simultaneously operate multiple superconducting device architectures to integrate emerging hardware concepts
Full quantum stack
We tailor the quantum logic family, circuit compilation, processor topology, and control electronics for optimal algorithm performance
Extensible technology
for scientific discovery
We develop flexible quantum hardware to quantify potential computational advantage and resource needs as a function of system size
Multi-disciplinary team
develops QIS solutions
The AQT convenes experts in computer science, physics, and engineering to assemble state-of-the-art hardware for science applications

A DOE Superconducting Quantum Computing Testbed

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About the AQT

The Advanced Quantum Testbed (AQT) is a collaborative research facility for the advancement of quantum computation based on superconducting circuits. We implement quantum algorithms co-designed for current noisy, intermediate scale quantum hardware to solve computational problems relevant to the scientific computing mission of the Department of Energy (DOE). Applications areas include optimization, materials science and high-energy physics.

The AQT team partners with members of the quantum information science community to engage in deep, extended research projects to execute complex quantum explorations, thereby providing a unique resource to the DOE community.

Our Research Program

With the AQT we have commissioned an instrument to explore and define future of superconduting quantum computers end-to-end. Today, we are able to design and fabricate proof of principle quantum processors with different information encoding, circuit topology, and control architecture to explore problems of interest for DOE scientists. We seek the best ideas, hardware and algorithms bringing together world class science and solutions.

Our Approach

AQT will be a unique facility for quantum computation, bridging a key gap between highly exploratory academic research efforts and highly specialized instances of commercially available, cloud-based and physical resources.
Testbed users will have full access to the hardware (including detailed data concerning architecture, operation, limitations, and imperfections), participate in its evolution, and share results to maximize the utility of nascent quantum hardware. An on-site catalyst team, expert in quantum hardware and software, will advance the basic science mission of the testbed and interact with a broad community of users to help them make effective use of our resources. 

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