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"The length scales that one encounters when fabricating a sample span many orders of magnitude. The ability to precisely manipulate matter across this vast range of dimensions is fascinating."
John Mark Kreikebaum, Former Postdoctoral Associate
I appreciate how research into qubit design combines rich theoretical explorations with the opportunity to fabricate and test the devices in our lab.
Trevor Chistolini, Grad Student
‘It is really an exciting time to be in the fast moving field of quantum computing! Many interesting things will be discovered along the way!’
Jean-Loup Ville, Postdoctoral Associate
"What keeps me up at night is: How can we combine continuous measurements and machine learning methods to improve qubit operations?"
Gerwin Koolstra, Postdoctoral Associate
I am excited about developing 3D integrated quantum computing architecture for scaling up the computational possibilities and exploring into novel materials for future quantum computers.
Kyunghoon Lee, Project Scientist