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Congratulations to AQT Researcher Akel Hashim, recipient of the ASTER Graduate Student Award

One of three awardees for this year, Hashim is part of the research team at the Advanced Quantum Testbed (AQT) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab)
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Acceptance of the Raith EBPG 5150

Acceptance certificate signed after delivery and commissioning of the Raith EBPG 5150. The machine’s self-calibration protocol, combined with exceptional environmental stability, provides highly reproducible lithography.
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First wafer probed on automated probe station

First wafer probed using the newly delivered automated probe station. This tool allows us to gather statistics on a significantly larger number of junctions per wafer.
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Junction fabrication process

Junction fabrication process is ported to a new oxygen plasma asher. This new tool significantly simplifies the process, improves critical current uniformity, and improves the uniformity of how the junctions age with time.
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Simulations of two qubit gate dynamics have illustrated well known trade-offs

Simulations of two qubit gate dynamics have illustrated the well known trade-off between coherent and incoherent errors as a function of gate speed. Faster gates are less susceptible to the incoherent error caused by qubit relaxation, while slower gates have lower levels of coherent error due to unwanted interactions with ...
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Measuring IRB Fluctuations

Randomized Benchmarking (RB) is a standard experiment to quantify the error rate of a quantum gate set. In addition to being relevant for building fault-tolerant quantum computers, reducing two-qubit gate error rates enables the execution of NISQ algorithms with larger-depth. However, environmental drift is a ubiquitous phenomenon in quantum hardware, ...
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